Wild Things 6-Step Skincare Routine

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Just 6 steps to maximize results for younger, more beautiful skin with our Wild Things 6-step skincare routine.

CBD packs a hydrating punch and is a powerful anti-inflammatory, loaded to the brim with antioxidants that counteract free-radical damage and regulate your skin. Its calming and soothing effects will also relax your skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

CBD is also highly effective in the treatment of most dry skin conditions, such as eczema and in diminishing the appearance of blemishes like acne or red spots.

Our skincare bundle works in synergy to heal, hydrate, and brighten your skin throughout the day.

Helping you create a routine that combines a variety of light, penetrating, and nourishing oils, age-defying Vitamins A, C and E and full spectrum hemp extract oil for maximum results.

Each bundle includes:

VITAMIN C CLEANSER WITH CBD (100MG CBD): Cleanse, moisturize and protect with vitamin C to even out skin tone, firm skin and reduce the signs of ageing.

CBD AGE-DEFYING FACIAL OIL (300MG CBD): Defy age, calm, soothe and hydrate problem areas.

CBD EYE SERUM (300MG CBD): Reduce dark circles and puffiness.

CBD LAVENDER SLEEP MASK (300MG CBD): Heal and transform your skin while you sleep.

CBD DAILY MOISTURIZER (300MG CBD): Hydrate and rejuvenate your skin throughout the day.

CBD STEM CELL ANTI-AGING CREAM (300MG CBD): Prevent wrinkles, promote vitality and longevity in your skin’s stem cells for younger, tighter and brighter skin.

For Best Results:

Use once or twice daily, as required.

Consistency, as with any beauty regime, is key for success.


Follow the directions on pack.

For external use only.

Keep at room temperature to preserve freshness.

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