Why Shark Tank’s Most Successful Investor Chose to Endorse This CBD Brand Over Thousands of Others

By now everyone knows about the ultra-rich sharks on TV’s Shark Tank.

And while they’re all rich, some are super rich. With the highest-grossing of them all being mega-billionaire Kevin Harrington, who’s massive TV empire has generated an astonishing $5 billion+ in revenue.

With his experience as an investor on Shark Tank, he now spends his time traveling the world in search of the greatest products, services and hottest ideas.


So it’s no surprise that he saw the enormous potential of CBD as a safe, potent healer for millions of people around the world.

You see CBD products everywhere today. On TV, the internet, in the news, and endorsed by sports stars and celebrities around the world.

The spotlight shines bright on CBD because for many years it was not available to the public. Even though it’s 100% safe, and highly effective in helping people address a wide variety of health problems, most especially pain, inflammation, anxiety and depression.

That’s because CBD works with the body’s natural endocannabinoid system to regulate many of its everyday processes such as mood, immune activity, and energy level. CBD mimics the effects of the cannabinoids in the body that are part of this system.


But CBD is not to be confused with THC, which is the compound found in cannabis that creates a high. THC is not present in CBD, or hemp extract oil.

CBD’s unique make-up and safety is what makes it the safest, most powerful natural healer and pain reliever on earth today. And with so
many people starting to take it, CBD companies and brands have popped up everywhere.

Just in the past couple years, thousands of companies have created their own brands of CBD products. This explosion is good in that it makes CBD products widely available.

However, the downside is that many of these companies and products are poor quality. Some products contain very low doses of CBD that will have no effect. Some are manufactured improperly, so much of the raw potency and healing power is gone.

How much do you know about your CBD manufacturer?

Some are full of useless filler ingredients. And some are priced too high for what is delivered, taking advantage of those in pain.

That’s why when Kevin Harrington, Shark Tank’s most successful shark, saw the vast potential for CBD, he went searching for a company that did it right, with potent, high-quality products offered at reasonable prices.

His team searched through literally thousands of companies looking for a partner. And that search lead him to Wild Things Botanicals, a premier manufacturer and distributor of CBD-based products.


Richard Symington, co-founder of Wild Things Botanicals, says, “We’re very excited about having Wild Things aligned with Kevin Harrington, one of the original Sharks whose personal brand represents excellence in direct-to-consumer marketing, and who obviously has a proven track record in discovering winning products.”

He adds, “Our focus has, and will continue to be, on creating high-quality, premium CBD-based products that deliver exceptional results to consumers and the most safe, secure and risk-free online purchasing experience.”

Wild Things CBD Oil is available in a variety of strengths, flavors and sizes.
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Wild Things Botanicals manufactures and distributes one of the widest ranges of potent, healing, health-improving CBD products available today, including oils, capsules, gummies, skin creams, lotions and balms, pain creams, sleep formulas, pet formulas and chews. Plus, a line of hair care products – all infused with premium CBD from USA-grown industrial hemp.

  • icon All their products are backed by a 30-day guarantee so people can try them risk-free.
  • icon All their CBD products are tested by a 3rd-party lab to ensure quality, purity and safety to make certain they are free of THC, pesticides, mold, and other harmful elements. Each batch is issued a Certificate of Analysis.
  • icon They ship to all 50 states and orders are guaranteed to arrive safely.
  • icon Their CBD oil is made from premium, organic, U.S. grown hemp extracted into a variety of strengths. All products are 100% legal and cannot get you high.
“Our focus has, and will continue to be, on creating high-quality, premium CBD-based products that deliver exceptional results to consumers and the most safe, secure and risk-free online purchasing experience.”

Symington adds, “Our company motto is, ‘Life is meant to be enjoyed and experienced. Wild Things can help you do just that.’ We take that seriously. We know what a good CBD product means to someone in pain. They need it to work. And we want to be a trusted partner in improving their health with CBD.”


With the support of Kevin Harrington, Wild Things Botanicals CBD Oil and other products are now available online along with a special offer for new visitors to their website.

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