Hemp Extract Benefits for Sleep

Hemp Extract Benefits for Sleep

They say that getting a good night's rest is one of the key secrets to a long and happy life. If we are overworking our bodies and running in overdrive all day and night, it can take a serious toll on our health. It is proven that people who don't get enough sleep are worse than drunk drivers on the roads. They can go into a hypnagogue state and start hallucinating like they are dreaming. It can feel so irresistible to close your tired eyes when you are in this stupor of tiredness but are not able to sleep for any reason.

Many people suffer from a type of psychological anxiety. They are under too much stress and are constantly in a fight or flight mode as they worry about how to deal with an overwhelming number of issues in their lives. This type of sleep can be hard to deal with without dulling mental acuity. People who rely upon being sharp to solve their problems don't want to compromise it by taking a drink of alcohol and then feeling some withdrawal, dopiness, and imbalance the following day.

In addition to insomniacs who are worried about things or simply have too much going in their lives to relax, there are also pain sufferers. The people who suffer from chronic pain may find it impossible to find a comfortable position to rest without drugging themselves up silly on toxic painkillers. When you put yourself into this comatose state, however, you can suffer a lot of dysfunction and then find it hard to rebuild your achievements in life.

The Natural Solution

CBD oil is a natural solution that is now coming to the mass market at a larger scale after many studies realizing its benefits. It has been approved for and retains a solid reputation for natural chronic pain relief and inflammation. For this reason, people who suffer from pain are certain to feel a sense of tranquility when they take CBD. They can lie down and get some deep Rapid Eye Movement (R.E.M.) sleep. It is believed from insomniac studies that people who do not reach this phase of sleep can suffer from serious health issues and mental disorders. Your brain really needs to fall into a deep sleep to clean up the house and reorganize your thoughts and memories.


Taking hemp extract oil is a safe and effective solution for people who are not able to reach that state of subconsciousness to organize their brains. This is because the CBD oil in the hemp extract oil is so close to the natural cannabinoids in your body. These endocannabinoids (eCBD's) attach to receptors located throughout the immune system and nervous system. They signal for the neurons to quiet down and help relieve inflammation signals in the body when an injury has passed and the inflammation is no longer needed.

How is CBD like a Local Anesthetic?

It is a lot like the lidocaine that they give you at the dentist. Lidocaine actually attaches to the nerve cells and dulls the sensation by blocking the receptors from uptaking sodium that transmits the electrical pain signal. The CBD is your body's natural nerve blocking agent that signals the nerve to quiet down by attaching to the special CBD receptors. If we did not have these receptors or they did not function, we would have very muddled thoughts that were full of ambiguity and uncertainty. CBD helps us to calm down with a linear train of thought which allows our emotions to build up.

Is CBD Better than Melatonin?

The beautiful thing about CBD is that it is all natural and safe. This makes it your first line of defense above any other choice. While there are supplements like Melatonin that can help some people sleep better, few people suffer from melatonin deficiencies. Therefore, adding additional melatonin into the body creates a whole other imbalance. It is easy to suffer from a lack of CBD's that is most evident when you have chronic inflammation or racing thoughts. It is easy to help your body build up natural levels of melatonin by simply ensuring that you sleep at night in a dark and sealed room. Unlike Melatonin, the CBD will actually relieve your daytime fatigue instead of bogging you down and making you feel balmy for days.

Where Do I Purchase CBD Hemp Oil Extract?

If you want a clear train of thought and an accurate perception of reality, taking CBD can heal your pain and anxiety. If you fall asleep and your mind is racing with worries about planning all your ventures in life, you need a break. Taking CBD is like giving your brain a well-deserved vacation at night so that it functions sharper in the daytime. The wonderful thing about CBD oil is that it is non-habit-forming and non-toxic. You can order it by simply clicking here to check out Wild Thing's Full Spectrum Hemp products for sleep.