Hemp Extract Benefits for Pain Relief

Hemp Extract Benefits for Pain Relief

If you’re experiencing pain, you’ve probably tried everything to relieve it. You may have noticed that over the counter products, like acetaminophen and ibuprofen, don’t even touch your symptoms. Perhaps your doctor has even prescribed pain medications; they may slightly help, but they just leave you feeling cloudy-headed and drowsy. It’s time to throw away all those useless pills and switch to a proven effective and natural alternative. Of course, I’m talking about CBD oil.

So, what exactly is CBD oil?

Well, it’s a natural derivative from the cannabis plant. Cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD, gives you so many benefits without the high, since there is little to no THC. CBD oil is sold in two types: full-spectrum and isolate. Bottles of full-spectrum contain trace amounts of THC – usually less than 0.3%. Isolates have absolutely no amount of THC, because it has been isolated from the rest of the plant.

As previously mentioned, either type provides the user with the numerous benefits without the risk of the high associated with THC. You’re able to use the CBD oil to alleviate your pain, and you don’t have to worry about feeling the negative side effects that have been reported with marijuana use, such as paranoia and anxiety.

To make hemp oil as convenient as possible, there are several ways you can “take” it. Tinctures are perhaps the most popular. You simply place the drops under your tongue. There are some that are water-soluble, which allows you to mix the oil into water. For topical applications, manufacturers even make creams you rub on your skin. They know it works, and they want you to have different ways to use it!

How can CBD oil help my pain?

In addition to the multitude of CBD oil benefits, such as help with anxiety, depression, epilepsy, and even sleeplessness, many consumers find their pain and inflammation symptoms relieved with regular use of nature’s miracle oil. You could be included in that group of people – they are living with significantly less pain, if any at all.

Of course, you’re wondering CBD benefits for pain relief. Well, let’s talk about it.

Say you have arthritis pain, which is caused by joint inflammation. Your consistently live with the immense discomfort; it’s in everything you do. There’s an intense process that causes us to feel that pain. Basically, there are signals sent from your sensory receptors and nerves to your brain via the spinal cord. When your brain receives these signals, you feel the pain.

CBD oil works to block off this pain. How, you ask? Similar to how your brain has pain receptors, your body naturally has two different cannabinoid receptors, which are called CB1 and CB2 receptors. Now, your CB1 receptor is affected by THC on a cognitive level, which is what gives you that feeling of being high. Remember, you won’t feel high by using CBD oil.

Conversely, your CB2 receptors are located within your immune system. Given their location, they act differently in response to pain and inflammation. As such, hemp oil latches onto your CB2 receptors. However, they don’t directly impact your receptors; they encourage your body’s system to create its own cannabinoids. In turn, your body experiences nothing but a positive reaction and thus, your pain and inflammation is reduced.

Now, that was a lot of information. The short story is that CBD oil, with all its natural properties, acts as a healthy alternative to “traditional” medications to help consumers with their pain. Instead of temporarily masking the pain, cannabinoid oil responds to your natural receptors to fight the pain with long-term results.

What types of pain can CBD oil help?

Let’s discuss some other CBD benefits for pain relief. CBD oil is ideal for any pain. If you have an illness associated with pain, whether chronic or acute, CBD oil can help you. We talked about arthritis, but let’s discover some other types of pains oil helps you manage.

Fibromylagia, a chronic disease characterized by musculoskeletal pain, is an extremely debilitating disorder that affects many people. There is no cure for this disease, but you can absolutely focus on managing your symptoms – primarily your pain. CBD oil is perfect for patients who have been diagnosed with this disorder. Cannabinoid oil has been shown to significantly relieve neuropathic pain as well as treating inflammation from nerve injuries.

If you’re experiencing muscle pains, don’t worry, as CBD oil can help! Whether it’s a strain from an old injury or a new ache from a long day at work, you’ll find that cannabinoid oil, especially in creams, help to provide relief from those pains. Trust what nature’s given us to ease your symptoms.

Did we mention that CBD oil helps with pain? Even if you’re carrying around an especially troublesome migraine, you, too, can find relief.

How can I get my hands on this stuff?

We’re glad you asked! CBD oil can and will help you with your pain. The results speak for themselves from the millions of people who’ve tried it. If nothing else, take these couple of key points with you when you’re considering purchasing any hemp oil:

• You can purchase CBD in a variety of products – including tinctures and creams

• CBD oil provides you with many health benefits without feeling the “high”

• CBD oil helps your body fight the pain – it doesn’t just mask the pain

• You can use CBD oil for virtually any pain you’re experiencing

So, if you’re feeling pain, just know that you don’t have to continue to live with it. You don’t have to just deal with it – you can actually do something about it.

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