CBD Myths

CBD Myths

Why CBD Doesn't Work For Some People...

From the Desk of the Wild Things Learning Center

If you are here reading this then you are one of the millions of people who have noticed a major revolution happening in health the last 3-5 years. Here's the science that's causing all the buzz...

Studies Show CBD Is 10x More Powerful Than Morphine and 30x More Powerful Than Aspirin for Pain Relief. This is how it works...

Our Body has a system called the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Its role is to help maintain a Healthy Biological Balance.

The ECS is involved in various aspects such as Mood, Pain, Sensation, Appetite, Metabolism, Memory, Sleep, Bone Development, Immune Functions and more.

The ECS helps maintain the complex balance between our bodies biological functions. That process is known as Homeostasis.

CBD helps the ECS maintain homeostasis when it becomes unbalanced.

CBD has been shown to relieve many of the most common and hardest-to-treat types of pain in the world.

Let's Dive Into the Science Below.

You are much healthier when your body is in homeostatis

Your Endocannabinoid System

Your body has cell receptors (like little locks) and molecules (keys). CBD helps bind the keys to the right locks. The 2 primary cell receptors in your body are CB1 and CB2. If your body does not produce enough endocannabinoids (the stuff that binds the lock and keys), you might be in for some trouble.

Endocannabinoids come mainly from our diet (fatty acids, omega-3s). And CBD increases the amount of endocannabinoids in your system. And that's how the magic happens.

I don't have to tell you that there are much bigger forces controlling the healthcare system so natural remedies will always take a back seat to paid prescriptions...

It's been pretty crazy to listen to the media and government manufactured misinformation about this miraculous remedy... Let's dive into the 5 Big Myths about CBD.

Myth #1: CBD is Illegal

Is CBD Legal? Depends on the store you buy it from...

WHAT! I know that's not the answer you are looking. If CBD comes from hemp plants and has less than 0.3% THC it is ABSOLUTELY 100% LEGAL.

The illegal THC oil is derived from marijuana (meant to get you high and has less CBD content then Hemp Extract)

Myth #2: CBD Gets You High

CBD is 100% non-psychoactive. Which means it will never get you high. CBD is the "healthy" part of marijuana. THC is the part the give you the munchies and the giggles.

CBD is the part that helps calm you down, focus, relieves anxiety, helps you sleep and helps with inflammation for those who workout.

CBD DOES NOT IMPAIR your ability to perform everyday tasks, drive, work, etc.

So if you ever take "CBD" and you feel high, that's not CBD...

Myth #3: You Will Fail a Drug Test After Taking CBD

Drug test are looking at the THC levels in your urine. You just need to make sure that the CBD you purchase has been tested by a 3rd party lab. CBD is only legal for sale if it has zero or less than 0.3% THC.

If your job requires drug testing, to be safe, just ask the manufacturer to send you the latest lab tests. (If they refuse to get that to you then stop taking their product... you will probably lose your job at your next drug test)

Just make sure your CBD is Hemp derived (like Wild Things) and you'll be fine.

Myth #4: CBD is Medical Marijuana

Marijuana and Hemp plants come from the same family: Cannabis Sativa. But they are 2 different plants.

CBD derived from the Marijuana plant is called Cannabis Oil, which also contains THC.

CBD derived from the Hemp plant is just called CBD (does not contain THC).

So CBD is not Medical Marijuana (But Cannabis Oil is).

Myth #5: There are no Credible Studies Showing CBD Works

This is the biggest myth... we are talking about on the the most highly-studied plants on earth over the last 10 years. There were 245 different studies done on CBD in just 2017.


In short, it's no wonder that hemp has been described as an industrial 'Miracle Plant'


But Why Doesn't CBD Work For Everyone?

Now that you know about the ECS we can answer this question. Most of our customers that say CBD doesn't work for them have been 50+. As our bodies get older our internal systems don't work as well as they used to... and they break down as we age.

PROBLEM SOLVED! The secret is just taking more CBD for the first week to kickstart your ECS.

If CBD has not worked for you before most likely you were taking a "maintenance" dose. For the first week simply take 2-3 times the recommended daily dose to kickstart your ECS. When you start feeling better reduce back to the recommended dose. It's as simple as that to jumpstart your system and get the benefits of CBD. Reach out to us if you have any questions!

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