CBD for Dogs - Everything You Wanted To Know

CBD for Dogs - Everything You Wanted To Know

Cannabidiol is an incredible health product while the potential to bring us numerous medical benefits. It can help with pain management, epilepsy, anxiety, insomnia, and cancer.

Like with most health trends, we’ve also tried figuring out if it can also do good for our pets. There is now CBD for pets, even CBD for dogs. Do CBD products have the same potential to bring health benefits to our dogs? Well, let’s find out!

Cannabidiol has the same potential to benefit dogs seeing as they also have an endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system affects a dog’s skin, mood, and brain. Basically, it affects anything that has to do with the neurons in their bodies. Cannabidiol can positively affect the endocannabinoid system.

The endocannabinoid system maintains your body’s homeostasis. It also does this in dogs. It regulates the neurotransmitters working within the central nervous and immune systems. 

What is cannabidiol?

CBD is one of 60 cannabinoids, which are naturally occurring chemical compounds that affect a dog’s endocannabinoid system. CBD is considered the “second” cannabinoid after tetrahydrocannabinol, otherwise known as THC. THC is the chemical compound that contains psychoactive properties that makes you feel that “high”. CBD can be extracted as an isolate or as a full-spectrum product.

Full-spectrum CBD oil will contain other cannabinoids such as cannabigerol and cannabichromene. They also are rich in terpenes and flavonoids, which are also shown to bring benefits to humans. CBD can be sourced from hemp or cannabis. Most hemp extract oil products designed for dogs are sourced from hemp, as it contains little to no THC.

CBD for dogs

You should definitely buy quality hemp extract oil. The labeling should state that the product contains full-spectrum cannabidiol. Keep in mind, hemp oil products do not always contain cannabidiol. You should also ensure you’re buying from a well-known company with credibility in the marijuana marketplace. There are many companies that advertise CBD products that actually contain zero CBD.

Unfortunately, when it comes to CBD there is a serious lack of regulation. This means that companies can falsely advertise products as CBD and get away with it. Many CBD products have been known to be mislabeled or the quantities of CBD or THC in the product have been misrepresented. This is a concern with companies that claim to sell cannabidiol products specifically designed for dogs.

You should definitely consult your veterinarian prior to giving any CBD oil to your dog. Your veterinarian may not be comfortable discussing the topic or have the knowledge to help you make a decision, but it’s a good start. They should at least be able to recommend you a veterinarian with experience relating to CBD product use with pets.

What can it treat?

CBD products can be used to treat numerous dog-related illnesses. Cannabidiol has been shown in studies to help dogs with inflammatory skin conditions.

Additionally, cannabidiol can help dogs suffering from osteoarthritis. It is fantastic in helping manage pain. Many U.S. veterinarians believe that CBD has the ability to effectively treat symptoms of anxiety and epilepsy within canines.

Like with humans, cannabidiol can help epileptic dogs. A study looked at the effects of CBD oil on epileptic dogs. Dogs that received a placebo received far fewer benefits than the dogs that actually took the cannabidiol.

Cannabidiol can do than just this. We know that for humans, it can reduce inflammation and treat the symptoms of depression and insomnia. More research is necessary to understand how much more CBD products can benefit our canine friends.

Is it safe for dogs?

As far as we know, the research suggests that CBD products are safe for pets. The side effects are minimal, although, your dog may seem drowsy. Make sure that your CBD products do not contain a significant amount of THC. THC is another endocannabinoid, but unlike cannabidiol, THC contains psychoactive properties that can get your dog “high”. Cannabidiol is a safer alternative and you won’t feel as if you’re spiking your pets with an unwanted feeling.

Is it legal for dogs?

It is legal to give your dog CBD oil products derived from hemp. However, THC can definitely get your dog high. Cannabis has been shown to work as an intoxicant for canines. Hemp CBD oil and cannabis CBD oil has one large difference. 

Hemp-derived oils contain hardly any THC, if at all. CBD products derived from cannabis may contain more THC than advertised. The legality of cannabis CBD oil also differs from state to state. Hemp CBD oil is more or less legal across the United States. If you’re thinking to give your dog cannabis CBD oil, keep in mind it may not be a legal product in your state. Even though there are no specific regulations relating to dogs and CBD products, it’s probably best to stay away from products with THC.

Humans and Dogs: Differences in CBD

The biggest difference between our understanding of how CBD works as a medical treatment with dogs is the information available on the subject. Far more research has been conducted on the effects relating to humans. The research revolving the benefits it may bring to dogs is still in its infancy stage. While you’re giving your dog cannabidiol, you should definitely take note of its effects.

They should feel little to no side effects, but since dogs can’t really communicate with you, you should keep a close eye on them after administering the product. This rings true for any sort of health supplement you’re giving your pets.

Dosage Information

Before giving your dog any CBD products, you need to ensure you’re giving the correct dosage. The necessary dosage will depend on the CBD product, the condition you’re attempting to treat, your breed of dog, and the dog’s weight. Even though there are products described as CBD for pets, as we noted above, they may be mislabeled. A veterinarian with knowledge of cannabidiol should be able to help you through the process. 

CBD oil has the potential to change our dogs’ lives. If you want more information, check out Wild Thing’s Full Spectrum Hemp Products for pets by clicking here. If anything, it can help provide you with the correct information before making a decision. CBD is truly revolutionary!