Can You Bring CBD Oil On a Plane?

Can You Bring CBD Oil On a Plane?

If you are preparing for a long flight, you may be nervous and edgy about it. This is the perfect time to plan on travelling with CBD. It seems a match made for the sky with its inherent abilities to help you relax and deal with any aches or pains.

As you can slip it in your tea, add it to your food, or even drop it into your water bottle, this super supplement is easy for travellers to take on the road to lessen their anxiety symptoms and inflammation. CBD oil is an increasingly popular daily supplement, which is why more and more people wish to take it along on their vacations or trips. Yet the reality is that the airplanes and airports of America are not too keen on you flying with CBD. In this article, we look at the particular reasons why this is the case.

The TSA Regulations Are Straightforward on the Issue of CBD Oil  

It's really interesting that CBD oil can be legally and simply shipped over state lines and is sold quite legally in many states, yet it may not be carried onto an airplane according to the Transport Security Administration's spelled out guidelines.

The TSA's policy says that federal law makes it illegal to possess either marijuana or cannabis infused products like CBD oil. While TSA may not actively seek out these cannabis products while they are searching your carry-ons, their officers are required by law to report even suspected violations which includes just possessing marijuana and the CBD oil products. This means that while they are not on the hunt for CBD oil in your bags, the TSA agents will turn you in to the area law enforcement even at the airport if they come across it or other such cannabis products in their routine screenings of you and your bags.

The rule is not merely limited to recreational marijuana either, but includes all forms of medical marijuana as well as supplements like CBD oil. The TSA does not draw distinctions between marijuana and hemp either. Because they are federal agents operating under federal law, they are completely exempted from relevant state laws. What this means for you is that even should these products be completely legal in the state where you reside, you can not carry them on the airplane with you.

Airports and International Destinations Have Their Own Policies and Rules 

The state in which the airport resides has something to do with how you will be treated if you are caught in the act of travelling with CBD. If you did not break any laws of the state in carrying it, the police will allow you to go on the flight. It is possible that they may make you throw away your CBD oil before completing security. If the state of the airport does not consider cannabis legal, it is possible you will be prosecuted.

Flying with CBD internationally is another matter. It can be very serious in many countries to be carrying cannabis. This includes Japan, the United Arab Emirates (think Dubai), and Singapore, where the policy is zero tolerance. Even having a few drops of the oil on your person in these countries could land you in a real jail cell.

In Conclusion: Is There Anything You Can Do?

If you really do feel the need to have your CBD oil for the plane trip, you can simply take it before approaching security. The oil will take effect around the time your plane is airborne, giving you the calming CBD effect before flying and allowing for a peaceful and calm flight.

 Another problem is that you may need your CBD oil once you arrive at your destination. You should research this issue before you leave on your trip. Investigate both local and state laws of your destination. You might need a medical prescription or note from your home town doctor. Should you be going to a state that permits medical marijuana, you can look into the locations and names of the dispensaries when you can buy your CBD on vacation or your business trip.

Another possibility is to mail your own CBD oil products ahead of your to the destination in advance. Shipping it or even buying it after you land is smarter than traveling with cannabis products, a risk that you simply do not need to take.

The good news is that attitudes are changing regarding medical marijuana. This will likely make it simpler to travel along with your tinctures in coming years. For now, you should be safe and not sorry. A little planning ahead will ensure that you have your own quality CBD oil when you arrive, though you will have to do without it on the airplane flight itself.